Artist Statement and Contact



Much of my artwork comes from mothering six children and the sacrifice that accompanies it. I look to nature to parallel self, illustrate the strength and influence of women through generations and manifest the growth in mankind. I see cycles in all things, the choices that we make and the impact that it has.

As I see it, metaphors are everywhere. In all places, from the grocery store to the dried-up riverbed, my mind is activated. I see nature and then relate it to myself. My work is quiet. In this noisy world, there is so much that we are forced to look at.  I prefer quiet contemplation.

Growth, decay, sacrifice, evidence;  all common themes in my work. I use both natural elements (dirt, seeds, gravity, flowers and plaster) and domesticated elements (sewing, knitting, cooking and ironing). I work with things I am familiar with as a mother, a housewife, a gardener, and an artist.