Gift of Life

Every mother knows the feeling of holding a tiny baby. This tenderness is almost overwhelming, full of complete love and satisfaction. All pain, all difficulties associated with the birthing process are swept away.

This statue is just at that moment where mother and baby are one, surrounded by love, peace and satisfaction. A baby resting in his mother’s arms. This sculpture is representing the Holy family. Mary holds her baby close to her chest. The Christ child is pleasantly sleeping, perhaps having a great understanding of His divine mission in life. Together, they are united in a bond of love and sacrifice. Mary’s gift given, His gift of life to her and us to be made.

The work is cast in bronze with a honey patina and stands roughly 8″ tall. The gold represents purity, refinement, and the most precious of gifts. The pedestal is roughly cut on two sides and rounded on the third side. It is symbolic of the stone rolled away at the tomb. He is the one who breaks the bands of death. A precursor to His mission in life, that He lives.

Anyone interested in purchasing this limited edition bronze for $900, please feel free to contact me.


Umbilical (detail)

A long line of sacrifice, a long line of flesh, a long line of discomfort, a long line of hope, a long line of gratitude, a long line of mothers

Years ago I was in another show with my husband David Chapman lindsay. I had made 72 heads to be on display. All of them were created  by sculpting a face out of terra cotta and then slamming them on the table. With these compressed faces, I carved a cavity out of the top to create a vessel. The heads originally put on display with prairie grasses growing out of it. I knew that their existence as artwork would be more fully appreciated in a different format.  They had been put through so much trauma. They had once been lovely, but now smashed, fired in a kiln at 2000 degree Fahrenheit, and then were applied with a mud patina on them. To me I reflected on the sacrifice that a mother gives to her children. This legacy has been throughout time, women sacrificing their time, body, health and beauty for the future generation. This long line of sacrifice is expressed in the connection of the umbilical cord. My mom made this sacrice for me, so did her mom and so forth. I am physically linked to my great grandmother through this cord, more so than any of my associates, and yet I have never met her. Her sacrifice to me is evident in the fact that I am here.

The seeds that are planted from one generation to the next are very powerful. They can represent human life or just our own human experiences, we take both from our ancestors.


The Wind Might as Well Be a Part of the Landscape

There is a lake in Lubbock Texas that is a landmark. In other words, there is no lake there, just the remains. We can look to it and see evidence that it once was. The poor people who see the signs, “Lubbock Lake Landmark”, who bring their ice chests and beach towels, get a surprise when all they see is a vast landscape of the different vegetation that inhabits our flat plains. The up side is Lubbock Lake Landmark is not flat. It is among the most varied rolling plains that Lubbock has to offer, as rolling as a dried up lake can be.

The landscape is very natural. Stink gourds, yucca plants, prairie grass, and wild flowers thrive here. Seeds are blown and scattered for the next generation. The wind might as well be a part of the growth. It’s evidence array itself in the plants as they grow leaning the direction they are blown. The lack of water doesn’t stop the growth, the lake is full of life in the spring and summer and dead or dormant in the fall and winter.

The cycle continues. Things grow amidst the harsh environment, the wind thrashing about and the lack of water does not make the growth even bat an eye towards failure to keep on growing.

There is a beauty there that changes with the seasons

Spring: growth

Summer: abundance

Fall: sacrifice

Winter: evidence


I am never alone. Little eyes on me. A friend said, “you are the sun and your children are the planets.” All of us have a mom, she is our sun. We have had the chance to develop into what we are because of what she did or did not do. She has strengths and weaknesses. We hold her in high standing and have a hard time accepting the weaknesses that come to her. Her mom helped to shape her and the line continues.

I am a mom. I am sculpting. I am never alone. Little eyes on me.